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05-06-2002, 09:58 PM
An 89-91 5-spd sittin around with or without motor, and in at least reasonable condition, and never been wrecked they would like to trade for an auto? I have a 91 auto, titanium paint and interior, interior in good condition, no rips in all leather seats (both power) or headliner,sunroof, radio is missing as well as sub (blown), fold down rear seats (60/40), no cracks in dash, driverside door does not open from inside, and head gaskets are blown. Car does not run, no supercharger either, it needs a windshield, wheels are in excellent condition, paint has some scratches and dings, but never wrecked. Car is great for a project and needs to be treated as one. It was gonna be my project, but i"d rather the 5-spd. If anyone could help me get one or find one, I'd really appreciate it, dont care what color interior or paint and sunroof is a plus but can live without. My E-mail is