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07-14-2003, 01:35 AM
Hi. It's been awhile since I posted anything and thought you would like to know what's new. As you can probably guess from the title of this post i went to the 100 year celebration in Dearborn. It was a great show that had everthing there: 427 Shelby Cobra's, GT-350's, 500 and a 500E Eleanor reproduction from Gone in Sixty Seconds. The 3 GT-40's that came 1-2-3 at Lemans, the concept Ford GT and 3 production Ford GT's. The supercarged new T-Bird concept, baby birds, 1 blown 4.6 88 T-bird, Steve Saleen's and Chip Foose"s T-birds as well. Over twenty 03 Mustang Cobra's, Svo's, Bullits, Mach 1's etc. There was also concerts included with the price of the ticket. I got to see Beyonce Knowles/Destiny's Child LIVE plus a great car show that may ruin all others for me for $25.00 american!

While there I spoke to James Fernandes and he was very patient with this crazy canuck asking questions about his car. When Iwas talking to him two of Dearborn's finest (young ladies that is) stopped to look into the interior of his car and comment on how nice it was. If i wasn't ready to buy a car before that moment surrounded by the Blue oval faithful I did then!

Which brings me to the second part of the title of this long winded bad grammar poorly spelled run on sentence having post.

The week i got back I was debating taking a look at his car ; http://www.canadatrader.com/trader/result/affich.asp?sid=85VRQUV80307140&rubno=4000&pa=2&pr=1&cregion=1012
(copy and paste in address window-could not figure out how to hot link). So on Saturday with i called my brother and asked if he would like to drive 10 hours with me to look at a car. So with rain coming down and lightning flashing across the sky we headed out around 11:30 at night. Slept for 3 hours at the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border and then drove another 3 hours to see the car. In the ad it is listed at $10,995 BUT I was told I could have for $8500. i think it would be worth that much if it was mint but it is not. Not abused but not babied either. Just a 9 year old car that spent most of its life on the highway hence the 180k. I spoke to the previous owner and he said it has never been in an accident and he traded it in on a new Windstar. It has a new battery, rear brakes, windshield and rear shocks. Radiator and headgaskets done within last two years one owner-non smoker. The dealership report said that coolant was replaced because it was weak but the low coolant light was on when I drove it. That makes me nervous, shouldn't it have been topped up when it was replaced or are the headgaskets going again? The left rocker panel behind the door was broken/loose and the driver door sagged badly. It has never had the cluctch done so it will need that soon plus I thought I heard a bearing noise underhood. I want a western SC but am not sure the price jibes with the condition. I offered them $7,000 for it and the guys at work say I should wait for it since ii's been ther since February. The previous owner said he showed him eight on trade and they did put some money into and say they cannot go anny lower on the price. it may end up at auction i guess. I was wondering what your opinions were on this car. Is the price out of range or is a one owner car more important?

Any feed back woould be appreciated

07-14-2003, 03:42 AM
My '94 5-speed with about 83,000 miles on it was 4500$US or maybe 5000$US including taxes, title, and plates. It looks like with the $ conversion you are going to end up with a car that is roughly the same price, but has 30,000km+ more than my car did... personally I think you can do better, but I'm not certain of the market in your area. I'm down in AZ.


07-14-2003, 09:54 PM
Working Link (http://www.canadatrader.com/trader/result/affich.asp?sid=98JRTAJ50307142&rubno=4000&pa=4&pr=1&cregion=1012)

I couldn't get your link to work either way, but I'm pretty sure this is the one your talking about. 180k on the original engine means you should fully expect to have to do a rebuild in the very near future. The bearing noise could be as simple as idler pulleys, or as bad as the blower. Take the belts off and check each component...it's very easy to do. The low coolant could just be because they didn't bleed all the air out when they refilled it. The clutch will be a $1200 hit unless you do it yourself. There are tests a mechanic can do to tell you if the head gaskets are bad, so get it checked out if your worried about it. It would be nice to do a compression test, or at least get someone who has driven good SC's to drive this one so you know for sure those km's are really highway. Personally I don't think $8500 is unreasonable for a 94/95 5 speed. Just don't expect a cheap reliable car. ;)

blown north
07-15-2003, 12:45 AM
WoW! that sounds like a great trip. did you take any pics? Hopefully we can see them in the near future! Your search for the illusive Supercoupe is getting serious. but that is probably going to take to find the one for you. Scott whats it like to acctually get to drive a Supercoupe its been so long I have forgotten. Do you think that the raised top made much difference for hp. All of my parts are in and the machine shop is putting her together this week( then the assembly fun begins) Any takers on help? Later.

07-15-2003, 08:48 AM
Driving the SC is extra sweet since I've ben driving nothing but my Diesel F-250 Crew Cab. Talk about one extreme to the other. The raised top made a noticable difference. 20 hp seems reasonable. I think the real difference will be noticed if and when I ever do the headers. I also picked up a nice deal on some tires. Dunlop SP A2's. 225/55/16's. Slightly used with about 70% tread left for $200. Much nicer then the crappy Coopers I had. As soon as your car is done we gotta cruise!