View Full Version : Heater Core

07-16-2003, 02:42 PM
Can someone tell me the procedures to bypass the heater core on a N/A 3.8L 93 thunderbird lx... thanks a lot also does the coolant need to be drained?

And another question the upper rad hose if I replace it( mine hit the belt and the AC pulley, 2 slice marks on the hose, kinda don't want it to break while driving ), does the coolant need to be drained for that ?

Rob Noth
07-16-2003, 03:12 PM
Well I guess the easy way to do it would be to get a 3/4" hose connector (cheap plastic or brass thing) and just connect the two hoses that go in/out of the heater. In case you don't know the heater is sort of behind the throttle body. I don't know if you can reach it with the TB and blower in place. Might be pretty tight.

The alternative would be to run a new hose directly from the manifold outlet down to the oil cooler (which is where the heater return goes), but that might be more effort than it's worth. There is very little space in there.

You wouldn't need to drain very much coolant to change the upper hose or bypass the heater, they are fairly near the top of the engine.