View Full Version : Its ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

07-19-2003, 11:06 AM
Hi All, I am so happy, just fixed my baby. Dam cheap stock Harmonic Balancer!!! All in the past now though...... What a ROYAL ~~~~ to fix...I just about lost my marble doin this job!!!!
Picture this-----a guy hangin up side down wedged in between the space where the electric fan goes, with my legs and feet danglin out of the hood, and Drilling holes in that bad boy like I was sent on a mission from the Big Man himself....It really was a Kodak moment, too bad i had no camera though....but like i said, all in the past now, I just hope it stays there.....been 2 days now and still in tact!!!

A couple questions for the Pro's? When I was drilling out the sleeve for the old dampner, I accidently scarred the Crank Shaft 3 times, 2 where very very minor, but one was a little more than minor.........

My Question is, would this cause any imbalance w/that little bit of Metal missing off my Crank Shaft or am I thinking too much?

Also, are there any tell tale signs of the Balancer on the way out?(noises, vibrations, etc....), I asked because just before my last one went, I was hearing a wreched noise at WOT, and couldn't figure it out for the life of me, then the Balancer snapped.....Since I've replaced it, the noise has dissapeared, so I obviously tied the two together?

Thanks too all who have helped me for this was ongoing for 2 months now(was a little short on $$$ before), but life is good again, cause I got my BABY BACK.....OH YA:D