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07-20-2003, 04:00 AM
these are very small problems compared to my trans right now but im waiting on that and want to fix a couple things. right now a really anoying one is that if i close my door then start my car everything is fine but if i start it then close the door that door ajar light comes on and my seatbelt goes forward and beeps. same if i hit a bump. it does this all the time. is there an easy fix for this.

my other kinda big problem is my power steering has a mind of its own. when going around corners my powersteering seems like it comes and goes. it will get really hard to hold the wheel at a point then all of the sudden get loose really quick. one this is that when my friend and i had to tow my car (i know hes and idiot) but he hooked the tow cable to the power steering cooler line cause he said it looked like a frame peice. well we took the cooler out after the line ripped off and just bypassed it with hose. could this be the problem. i just want to see if there are some easy fixes for these things and also my firm ride light flashes either 3 or 4 times how can i correct that. i heard about cleaning a censor.

07-20-2003, 03:51 PM
Ifm assuming that you have done searches on these subjects?!

When your FIRM light flashes, I think that means one of your adjusters are not working. I would imagine that there could a few reasons. You will need to diagnose each component to find the problem.

Power steering!? You broke something! Donft let your friend touch your car. Ifm not sure if he is qualified to ride in it.

Seat belt drive. This would be the same as the ride control. I would think that there have been write ups about this system. A search should reveal some useful information. If not, you will need to check sensors, switches and look for shorts in the system. I have never had any problems with my system. Process of elimination works in most cases.

Good luck

07-20-2003, 06:59 PM
The seat belt problem sounds like your door switch, located behind the kickpanels. The firm light flahing does indicate a faulty actuator, but I cant recall how many flashes for each one, also your powersteer could be a problem with the electronics behind it (it's a variable assist system that is tied into the ride control system). You should try replacing the line/cooler before you look at the elevtronics that could very well be your problem.