View Full Version : lower ic tube/power steering pump

07-21-2003, 11:30 PM
how do i get the lower ic tube off of the powersteering pump bracket so that i can disconnect the powersteering line?

do i need to pull the power steering pump pulley so i can take that bracket off to the water pump so that it can be tilted enough to get the lower ic tube off?


07-22-2003, 04:05 PM
more info could help ...not sure what you are trying to do... and there's a few ways to do it ...I see a cam question ..so don't know if you are going to take water pump off...or if you are working on power steering...the main thing in common..is lower I/C tube ...I'll start you there ...there is a stud with nut.. that holds the I/C tube to the powersteering bracket...I/C needs to come out ..to get room ...next undo the whole bracket that holds the powersteering pump/altenator ..2 bolts and one nut hold it to the head..and 2 nuts hold it to water pump ..{this is the no powersteering pulley puller method..} the one 15 mm nut you can see ...is hard to get at..but take a 3/8 drive short 15mm socket ..slip it over the nut ....you will just beable to get about 1/8 inch of the rachet into the socket ..but it's enough to get it loose..if your lucky it will loosen the stud and you can use a 1/4 inch drive set on the end of the stud with a 5 or 4 mm socket and spin it out easy ...if not .. be slow going with the 3/8 drive ...but is doable...the other 2 bolts are hard to see... but come out easy ...once you know where to look ...find a pic of a head and you will see where to look for them...if you can't find them ..undo the 2 ..15mm nuts on the water pump and you should beable to slid the whole bracket off the waterpump ...and you will beable to twist it enough ...to get at the nut and stud that hold the lower I/C tube.. and pull the stud out of the bracket .. you don't need it
and will make disassembly easier in the future...and you don't have to undo the powersteering pump lines ..or remove altenator
...you can just lay it to the side the whole bracket and work around it ...best of luck ...dave ....ps : have bandaids ready