View Full Version : installed some mods

07-24-2003, 02:02 AM
i got my motor mounts/ud pulleys/5% pulleys ( seems more like 10%) , my only complains is the ud pulleys is that one seems to wooble just a little , and even with new motor mounts engine still seems to vibrate, gonna check if they replaced the tranny one. because at low rpms i still hear a motor mount vibrating (like metal to metal vibration )a lot less but i still hear it.

but the difference between BHJ balancer and stock one is a lot , ford one looks very fragile , and od pulley is FUN , now i need to open up the exhuast , too bad my blower is leaking so i will need rebuilt the snout becuase blower gets too hot and kills power.so im going to be blower less for like a month.

for exhaust i have a SCP resonator no cats and gonna keep stock mufflers until i get some dynomax