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08-21-2003, 11:44 PM
first, i am only posting here because i know there is some people that can write an encyclopedia on this transmission. now to the problem...

beginning monday when i went to the gas station to fill up the tank on my 1988 mercury cougar ls, i noticed a strange behaviour from the car. i was going 18 mph, the car was in second, shifted into drive and popped out of gear. i let off the gas and the car went back into drive. ive also noticed that starting today, every time i stomp on it from a deadstart, the car doesnt launch as hard as it used too. the engine just had a tuneup and is running better than i have ever seen it ran, so that is not a reason. the car has 195565 miles on it, has the original engine and tranny. the only reason i can see it going out now is last april, the kickdown cable started to rust, according to our mechanic. the symptom was a very soft pedal and the transmission shifting into drive at 28 mph. the car was driven 50 miles like that, never exceeding 30 mph except when it was fixed. the farthest the tranny has gone without the kickdown was 2.5 miles to the grocer store. if there is any more information needed, just tell me and ill try to find out.

MIKE 38sc
08-22-2003, 12:45 AM
I take it youre talking about me. :o I have been involved in a pretty long thread on an AOD, but I'm not sure I could write an encyclopedia on it.:o I dont consider myself an expert by no means. I just have knowledge on it because I learned about it to build my own.
I hope I didnt come off as a know it all.:( I was just trying to help people on a subject I knew a little more than average about.:o and there did'nt seem to be anyone with the knowledge or willingness to help them.

I have to honest with you. With that kind of mileage, that tranny has served you well. But its time for a rebuild.
Trying to do any repairs on it at this point would probably only cause other things to go out. Its in a very weakend state and is going to completely go at any moment. Driving it that long with the TV cable maladjusted sure didnt help it any. But hey you got 200,000 miles out of it and you cant really complain about that.
I know that doesnt help your situation any but its time to put it down.
Sounds like seals are gone and pump is getting weak for sure the clutch's are worn out. Its just time for a rebuild and all will be fine again. Maybe you should look for an engine as well, it probably wont go much farther either. When they start runing that good with that kind of mileage on them they generaly lay down and die soon.:(

09-01-2003, 07:26 PM
mike 38sc

could you please email me your number ([email protected]) and your time zone and the best time to call. i would like to talk to you about the aod. thanks, bob

09-02-2003, 12:31 AM
My AOD started doing the same thing at approx. 176K. I have not rebuilt it yet, but have purchased a MAJOR rebuild kit AND a TransGo shift kit. I'm hoping that the engine still has alot of life in it. I did drive the car 2 yrs and 36K miles with NO overdrive :rolleyes: ...not smart but hey...I was young and dumb.