View Full Version : CARLISLE DETAILS!!

05-20-2002, 02:53 AM
ALL ENERGY is going to Ford @Carlisle in June!! If you are going and we haven't confirmed you yet, call me or Don and give us your cell numbers (check on Yahoo site under DATABASE for #'s).

Speaking of the Yahoo site, I'm told many STILL haven't been able to access the site...
groups.yahoo.com/group/NJTACC (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NJTACC)
it MAY ask you to join as a member, please do so. I tried to automatically make everyone a member, but apparently it didn't work. If it STILL will not let you in after joining, email me directly...

MAY 31st, Friday Morning we will be meeting at approximately 9am...leaving no later than 10am!!!! MAYBE sooner! If you're late...oh well, catch up...that even includes me! :) Location in North NJ area TBA...hence need for REAL time communication via cell numbers if we break down along the way or change
details at last minute.

In that approximate hour time we will be about the BUSINESS!! :cool: We will perform a quick inspection of all vehicles (tire pressure, oil levels, working lights! Dwayne will be providing NJTACC decals for us. YES we need to kick in some $ for them. I'm fairly confident $5 should get us 2 decals each. I'm proposing 3 basic colors White, Silver, Red to be the available colors. If they are ready for the convoy meeting, we will be applying them to windows at that time also. For those who do NOT have a cell phone some members have volunteered Walkie Talkies for the drive down so you have SOME type of communication with the convoy. Hotel stays/locations will be reviewed at that time so drivers know who to follow during the drive when we get close and can make a clean break without pulling over and getting lost. Don will be bringing NJTaCC hats for those who pre paid or wish to purchase.

I will establish a calling list similar to PTA school day closing procedure when I have gotten all numbers. I will e-mail them by Memorial day. One person will be responsible for calling another person. If you prefer NOT to have you name/number on the general list, let me know and Don & I will call you directly.

Recommended GOTTA BRING ITEMS: Sunglasses, Comfortable shoes, Tote bag for shopping/carrying food, Flashlight, Small tool set if you have it, portable lounge chair, car detailing items, disposable camera, roadmap, bottle of coolant, quart of engine/trans oil, can of fix a flat, cooler (Fairground drinks ain't cheap y'all). Please e-mail me suggestions to add to the list so that I can include that with the phone call list.

MAY 19th Bear Moutain Picnic was pleasant. Something to do...a nice drive up on a nice, but chilly day. The biggest attraction was simply to have a nice drive up, meet 2 NY guys and bring the family!

Keep the suggestions coming!!:rollin:

I will be bringing a little table and NJTACC membership packets so I can recruit some people as they pass our way.