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04-23-2002, 02:57 AM
Californ-i-a was a hoot y'all!!!

Sun, women, cars....it's mind boggling to see all the SC's out there rust free!!! And the people are so friendly!!

I not only got to meet a GREAT group of guys in Southern Ca...but I got to learn a great deal of stuff on these cars. Racing at Irvwindale 1/8 mile track we got to see John's 13's racing slick'd SC. This thing is so modified it's crazy!
A lot of homemade and SCPerformance stuff on top of a Coy Miller Stage II.

Dwayne, I SWEAR I found your West Coast twin!!! He's got a sweet supercharger cooler system he put together...but if I tell you more I'll have to kill you!! :smokin:

Brian, this guy AL detailed his engine so well I swore all the accessories were brand new right out the box!!

The meet went so well with a record breaking 5 SC's and 7 members (nowhere near us, but they will be soon) that they set up their website already...and the meet was just on Sunday.
www.sccosc.com just a front page for now, as I need to send them some pics and drag racing videos.

Got some insight from the GN group that was running there also...we have a LOOOONG way to go to reach their 475RWHP mark!! :eek: Turns out we're approximately 600-800lbs heavier than GN's. They weigh about 32-3400lbs and ours weight 38-4050lbs. There was one GN that ran the EIGHTH mile in under 7 seconds at 119MPH!!!! He was faster than some motorcycles...and the car wasn't even stripped down!!

If any of you THINK I've found intersting stuff in the past...wait 'til you the goody bag I come with in May!! I got to attend the Int'l Auto Show in Long Beach...(I missed the Toyota Grand Prix :mad: ) This show is THE import performance aftermarket show sponsored by SEMA...ohhhh the lovely ladies and the wild cars. Ford had a Focus with a 5.0/5spd/RWD conversion kit...that WILL be available this summer. I got to talk to a lot of the perf parts reps and found out there are a great deal of goodies they make that will work on our cars...EXCELLENT! :evil: AND many are anxious to break into the domestic market.

Anyhow...gotta lot of unpacking to do...talk to you guys later!!


I'll be posting some of their pics in our Yahoo pictures later this week.