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04-19-2002, 09:01 PM
OK folks, summer is un-offically here!!!!!! Here is the latest news on what's going on.

We are having a club picnic on May 19th!!!!!! This will be at Bear Mountain in N.Y. The reason we are doing this is because the New York and Long Island guys are wanting to meet us all. I plead with you to come. I have told these guys and gals about the club and they have seen the success!!!!!!! They are trying to form up a club of their own!!!!!! Please come.......

The picnic will be bring your own food and drinks. Unless otherwise is decided at the next meeting, this is the plan...NEXT MEETING MAY 4th at Houlihan's...meeting there and going directly to the Whiskey's Bar Cruise night!!!!!!!! Wash the S.C. and come out.

The picnic agenda again, (sorry sidetracked!!) The picnic will have lots of room to part and hang out. They have a lake, swimming pool, Zoo, and more!!!!! Bring the family and wife or girlfriend along. This should be a REAL good time.

I need a count of who's coming. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with a R.S.V.P. by the end of April..

At the picnic, we will also coordinate with the new Regional people of the club to meet up for a HUGE crowd to Carslile.

The May 4th meeting is early I know but I am away at the New Jersey Hot Rod Association show in Wildwood and it is also Mother's Day weekend. That is NOT good if you want to get your car out again to a cruise night and miss Mother's Day.......

Also, I am Co-Chairman for the Meadowland's 2nd annual Auto Show!!!!! This is a Huge event. I need a show of cars from the SC crowd to make me Proud!!!!!!!
Admission is cheap and we will all have a great time. Please get involved in these things.

Carslile is not far away folks....Let's get organized and show our cars off and have fun...Told the Mustang Club guys that about 30 S.C.'s from the New York Area and Jersey Area are going to Carslile....They were shocked!!!! They are right now trying to get more people to just keep up with us and this is a LARGE CLUB!!!!!

I also applogize for the last meeting's short comings and lack of planning. Jesse, My left hand man and Bryan , the right hand were not there to keep things rolling. This one is promised to be much for informative and organized.

Anyway, the Meeting on May 4th, Say 5:00 pm, giving people a chance to get organized and have a life on Saturday. This cruise is HUGE and great. Trophies are awarded each weekend.

Also, the New Jersey Thunderbird and Cougar Club is Sponsering a trophy for the Meadowlands Show. Can I count on a $1.00 donation per person to pay the cost....

Thanks again and HAPPY S.C.'ING..........

Don O'Neill, Jr..

(973) 277-4294