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black thunder1995
04-08-2002, 12:06 AM
Anyway we are starting to get a little to big for the core members to keep track of us all and to help out with this I had the idea of arranging area coordinators. I myself volunteer for the north western nj members. Jesse will probably pick up the north easten and ny members and jim do you want the central members? We will still need a south easten and south western and pa coordiator to step up and take charge but anyone will do for now.
Back to the subject if local area members can meet up and caravan down in individual cars or if someone needs a ride because there car is down the local coordinator would arrange the meet and tie up any loose ends befor the meet and act as a leader for there group introducing new members to the pack and depending on how much influx from the pa side a penn coordiantaor will have to be established.

if we have a local area coordinator there responsibility will be to arrange local area meeting locations for anyone who wants to go to the distant car meets. (eliminates people getting lost and helps to get to know local members) For instance this meet is down central nj so the northern and far southern bunch will be traveling some distance to get there and vise versa when we have the northern/southern meets.

The coordiantors purpose is to contact via phone or e-mail all members falling under there area of coverage for meets tech sessions etc. depending on size and eventual AREA of this club we may also splinter into northern and southern MEETS at the same time to ease the traveling burdons of some of our members. but that is to be determined at a later date.

anyone interested contact me directley at black_thunder1995@yahoo.com for more details


04-08-2002, 08:15 AM
Sounds like a great idea, Dwayne. We don't have many central members yet, but I don't mind taking the position :)