View Full Version : VOTE FOR THE NJ CLUB NAME!!!

01-25-2002, 12:31 AM
I FINALLY set up a poll to vote for our name!!

groups.yahoo.com/group/NJTCats78/polls (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NJTCats78/polls)

Please only pick up to three names and/or give a suggestion!!! so Jim ( 8ate8 ) can set up our domain website!

J3 8o


01-25-2002, 11:47 PM
oh yeah...forgot ...you had to join the club....to the right is a "blue" hyperlink to join the Yahoo club...gotta join to vote...but hey...it's free!

Jesse 3

Thunder...I added your suggestions.

02-02-2002, 01:59 AM
the polls show three names to be in the lead!!

unless more members join the club and vote, we will be voting on these names and some logos I'm working on.


02-02-2002, 01:25 PM
i think the club name should have 'new jersey' somewhere in the title and something about the cars, because we don't want this to be just an unknown ford car club (Blue Oval Alliance or any of the others that just say 'ford'). the NJTACC i think is the best one there.