View Full Version : sold my car today..

01-23-2002, 05:17 PM
its been fun. i know i wasnt able to attend the first meeting but still it was fun. Maybe eventually i'll buy another sc. It was an experience working on the Sc doing headgaskets , i now feel a little bit smarter and i'll be able to help my friends if theres ever go. In the short time i had my Sc i had fun with it. altho i never got to drive it,i still had fun. i have driven my friends 93 tho and i have to say that they move and are definately alot of fun. I would someday like to get another one , only this time one that i can buy, register and drive. not one i have to work endless hours on before i can drive, but like i said it was fun to work on , but also very frustrating. Thanks for all the advice you guys gave me when i was doing the HG's. Keep the club alive and keep the thunderbird sc and cougar xr7 alive.
LAter Guys