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09-11-2003, 01:48 AM
Hey guys, I hope this doesnt get taken the wrong way. I just wanted to mention this website/group of mn12 owners. www.mamn12.com Its not JUST SC's, i know, but its a GREAT bunch of guys. There's already quite a few SC's there. The good thing about it is that they are really active and have rather frequent 'meets'. Either at the track or cruises, car shows, etc. Im wondering if some of you might want to get involved in it. Out of personal experience I can say that its really worth it. Not for nothign they're one of the best 'sub sections' of the tccoa. Again, im die-hard SC fan, but since there is not alot of us, and not alot of us involved in the hardcore SC scene around here, our option is to go with the big picture wich includes all tbirds, cougars and mark viii's. In the last meet there were approximatelly 25 mn12's. Most were tbirds of wich about 6 were sc's and 2-3 marks. Awesome sight at mason-dixon drag strip in hagerstown MD. Check out the website and teh calendar of events...the next meet is not too far away. Just my suggestion...i'd always like to see more SC's around these parts gather.

09-14-2003, 06:05 PM
I'm already in, just found mamn12 a few months ago, I kinda made it to a little of the last meet, but got in an accident on the way there which kinda screwed up my weekend. I think alot of people on these boards are probably already members, but if you're not, it's a good place to check out. Check the site, but I know we're going to Maryland International Raceway on October 18th - 19th for the All Ford Event, should be a great time, if you can make it please come, the more mn12s the better!


Thanks CaifanSC for bringin it up.