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09-04-2001, 02:18 AM
I live in the abington area of the phila suburbs. I am not to sure how to 'sign up' for this chapter, but if at all possible I would like to join. I have an 89 xr7 5-speed w/ a crap load of problems. Since may of 2000, repaired parts have been, rear mounts, thermostat, IRCM, fan motor, themostat housing, coolant overflow tank, radiator, water pump, temp gauge sensor, motor mount on driver side, trans, clutch, windows and motors, driver side seat belt track, 2 harmonic balancers, crank seal, plugs and wires, hoses, belts, shifter, front rotors and pads, cam sensor, crank sensor, and I'm sure there is more but I just can't think of it. My most recent problem is and oil leak that I hope to find tomorrow. Oil has been changed every 3000 miles on the dot and car is never taken past 4000 rpms. I really really really don't want to get rid of this money pit, but there is no mechanic that I know of around here who has experience with these cars. Everytime I save money for an upgrade, something else breaks...but enough of my bitching already. Anyone around this area know of a good mechanic that has experience with these cars? Any help is appriciated. Thanx for your time.


Ken Seegers
09-05-2001, 12:58 PM
There is a couple of us in the area. Send me your e-mail and other info. I will see if I can get you in the loop. We usually stay local with shows. I know the next one is Oct 20 at Englishtown.
PS my e-mail is dkseegers@prodigy.net

10-25-2001, 03:05 PM
Pop me an email with you info and I will see if there is anything I can do to help out. I live in Willow Grove and drive a 95' 5 speed SC. I try not to put many miles on it so you probably haven't seen it around but it's possible. As for a good mechanic I have a guy I will recomend. He has worked on my last 4 forced induction birds and he is a good honest guy. If he doesn't know something about the car he works with me, we research it and then attack. He is reasonable with prices and he has done just about everything you can do to an SC on my cars. Let me know if you want me to make the introduction next time you have work done and I would be glad to meet up and help you out. Plus his shop is just over in Horsham.