View Full Version : carlisle question

04-02-2001, 07:08 PM
does anyone know the phone numbers for one of the hotels near there so i can get my reservations.

04-04-2001, 03:48 PM
give me a few days to call home and i will get you some #'s... i live in the next town down (Shippensburg)... i will get you some carlise #'s and a few numbers in some of the other towns in case reservations are full...

i should have them by the weekend...

04-07-2001, 03:18 PM
some big projects came up this week and i didn't get a chance to get the numbers... i will get them easter weekend when i go home to Ship... i should be able to get a dozen numbers and you can pick...

sorry for the delay...

04-14-2001, 08:01 PM
Hotels in Carlise-

Holiday Inn 717-245-2400
Days Inn 717-258-4147
Hampton Inn 717-240-0200

Hope those are okay... they are all on the pike (Rt 11) right off the turn-pike and I-81... if they are all booked (which i doubt) let me know and can get some other #'s...

sorry for the delay... :-)...

04-17-2001, 06:28 PM
I got my reservations in,Me and my wife will be at the Best Western in middletown,now I just got to get my bird back on the road,Man I miss that car

04-17-2001, 08:38 PM
i get mine in may... so i won't be able to have it at the show... but i should be able to drive it there at least... just depending on when i get the mods from SCP done...

hope to see you there... i'm local, so i won't be at a hotel, but i will stop by and hang out with people...