View Full Version : SCanta bring you anything good?

Pat DiPersia
12-25-2000, 11:58 PM
All I got was a crummy Thunderbird chip. Actually, it's an AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz chip, but I think the damn motherboard is bad and I have no keyboard. That and a sweet DVD player - we all sat around and blew our eardrums out watching "Gone in 60 Seconds!" Two thumbs up. Think I woke the neighbors up though. . .

Jeff Dillman
12-26-2000, 10:50 AM
I finally got my head gaskets!! (of course, I bought them, so it really wasn't a present). Santey Claus also brought me a nice 2 ton floor jack with matching jack stands (hopefully it's low enough to get under the slammed cougar). And finally, I got a folding chair with TWO, yes TWO cup holders for those long waits while Mr. Ward is puttering down the quarter mile :)

12-26-2000, 11:16 AM
I got a nice string of cold, soon to be colder weather, which makes taking a trip to Jeff's to see clean my car damn near impossible. But, last week, Jeffy...oppps, I mean Santy Claus brought me a new S-model and a ZR intake. They looked a little used, but I wasn't complaining. :) No, the real santa (he is real, right?) brought me a nice leather Jacket and a new 50mm lens for the ole Nikon. Not a bad deal at all.

Jeff Dillman
12-26-2000, 05:54 PM
Well, the S and ZR are both off the car now. So why didn't anyone tell me that the head gaskets would be such a pain in the ~~~? I spent all day today ripping parts out and I can somewhat SEE the passenger side head and I'm still a few hours away from seeing the drivers side. Damn!

I did get fairly well down the motor though. I'll have to break in my new jack and stands to get the lower IC tube and manifolds off.

I guess it's time to order a water pump, PS pump, headers?, valve cover gaskets, intake gaskets (nobody told me I needed intake gaskets too -- oops) and harmonic balancer while I have everything out of the car!!!

Ken Seegers
12-27-2000, 02:07 AM
been there done that. I did my head gaskets with degenerated arthritis in my right shoudler. Now that this pain. As far as needing parts, what you thought that the heads could come off without removing the intake. See the blue sc has effected your mind!!!!!!!! Hey you might as well get a new cam and a timing chain. Dont't forget to port the intake and heads, unless you feel like doing the job again.
I received clothes plus other miscellaneous stuff....let see 3 blowers(1 s-model, 1 94 model, & 1 89 model). That all to do it. Do mind the mess I left behind, I still have the install my early hipo model back into that blue SC and I am returning the sc top with the welded 3/4" plate(it was declared worthless).
I hope the chair you have has two cup holders, because you probably will be able to drink a couple of cold ones waiting for Ward.

Jeff Dillman
12-27-2000, 07:26 PM
Well, for some reason, I sat and thought about this project for two or three weeks, and didn't even think about the intake gaskets!

I'll probably get the ehads done, I MAY do the intake myself (a little here-and-there). I'm not doing a cam/timing chain though. I want to leave ward a chance to catch up a bit!!