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12-19-2000, 09:03 PM
We've been stuck on 97 post's here for almost a month...What's going on??? Oh, wait, we're all recovering from our summer SC hyjinx...

...My SC is hybernating in Jeff's garage, safe from unexplained fires and Mom's Explorer, waiting for it's blower to be removed and sent to Magneson, and it's head's switched with ported and polished versions of Kenny's old heads. It's parked next to Jeff's mid-13 second freak Super Cougar, which still needs head gaskets, but he has his ARP studs.

...Kenny needs a new Supercharge, preferably and S-Model, and a MORE restrictive exhaust...oh, and Pat's SC is still working fine, but he's still too fascinated with that FWD ~~~ to really care..:) , and Rick...hey, where's Rick???

You guys have a great Holiday, and don't forget the headers, downtubes, and Magnum Power intake I asked you for!!!


Ken Seegers
12-20-2000, 02:47 AM
Hey!!! how come you car is next to Jeff's??? My car should be there. Right now my SC is sitting peacfully in my garage with a weak battery. And of course away from the snow. It probably will not move until I have to change the oil in the truck or the wife's car(or get the battery charged). After the HOHOHO season, next is the extra motor. Hopefully 12's this year and without spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and can't forget no ECC tuner. Remember Santa I have been good this year, I picked on the Blue SC's. Now all I have to do is slip Jeff $50 and I can take Ward boy's blower and exchange it with my hipo early model. I have taken the blower off before, it should take about 20 min.. He will never know the difference.
12sec SC in '01, right now truck waiting for 18" of snow to play in.

12-20-2000, 09:11 AM
You can't sneak up and switch your blower with mine. I just spent this past Sunday switching my blower with Jeff's S-model!!! I don't think the retaining bolts can take much more of this! He thought I was coming up to wash the car...then I told him I had to cancel. He didn't suspect a thing!!! :) I also took his ZR, and instead of replacing it with my MN12 performance intake, I replaced it with the stock rubber piece, which I painted with high-quality $.99 chrome spray paint...he'll NEVER know the difference. Why don't you takethe blower on Jeff's Coug, which is my old blower. That should still be an improvement!!!

My car is next to Jeff's because he wanted some free extra hp (He's going 12's next year too.) I figured if his black Cougar spent the entire winter snuggled up with a Moonlight Blue SC, it was bound to get faster. (Boy, I hope DiPersia can pull himself away from that SHO long enough to help me here, or I have a funny feeling I'm going to get reamed!!!) Plus, I liked the amount Jeff's "rent" payments. See, those of us who grew up in School-kill county Pencilveinya have a different monetary system than the entire United States. We don't use coin's or paper money. We purchase everything with our holy dollar...BEER. Some things are worth a six-pack, some are worth a case, and some are worth an entire 1/2 barrel.

Dave "12's...12's...screw that, I'm going 10's" Ward

Pat DiPersia
12-20-2000, 10:50 AM
Alright, DT, time for me to step in. Don't worry, I won't let them cream you. BUT I WILL!

Anyway, so maybe I am fascinated with this FWD ~~~. No, not really, I can't wait to get rid of it, BUT, worked out great this morning with the snow we had. Otherwise, I'd still be in bed (Wait a minute. . .) The SC is actually out in the snow right now, and I'm NOT thrilled. But luckily, I did find another garage which should be cheap. Can't wait till the SHO is GONE!

But that's about it. The SC will be out for our January meet up North. . . Then it'll be resting. Got a new rear that goes in (3.27s - when you coming down Dave, this thing is heavy and I'm getting tired of holding it!) and all the suspension work that needs to be done for my next Pocono run.

And Ken. . . I have nothing to say except at least mine runs and black is still slow! Hehehehe And don't tell me you didn't enjoy that little jolt in the SHO!

Pat DiPersia
12-20-2000, 10:53 AM
Oh, and I totally forgot to rip into Ward. . . What the hell are you talking about me for?! You're the one driving an F-250, only because the head gaskets are blown on your FWD ~~~! A (What year?) '88 Escort (Race'cort) How'd you blow head gaskets on a 1.8l?! Racing those Festiva's again? What did I (And the cute blonde cop) tell you about that?

Jeff Dillman
12-20-2000, 09:09 PM
Ward's Christmas wishes for this year:

1) Ward WISHES he had an F250, not an F150 (at least mine's a 5 speed!)
2) Ward WISHES he had an *'88* Escort (at least mine's a 4 speed!)
3) Ward WISHES he had my S model and ZR
4) Ward WISHES that his car will still be in one piece when he decides to stop down to visit it. (Geez, I visit my grandma more than you visit your car!)
5) Ward WISHES his car was getting "faster" just by sitting in close proximity to my coug and buell!
6) Ward WISHES he had a 6 car garage with detached house like I do!

I guess that's enough for now. :)

12-20-2000, 10:10 PM
First off, Mr. DiPersia, as Jeff stated, I have an F150, not an F250. You were probably thinking about that 1999 F250 Super Duty with the 5.4 and the 5-speed I was drooling over this weekend, but that's another story. Unfortunately, Jeff failed to notice that my F150, like his IS a five speed, and it finally has it's original size tires on again!!! (31x10.5x15) I actually, can't argue too much about the list that Jeff posted...he did a pretty good job there, although I wouldn't brag about the 86 escort, whether it's a 5-speed or not. The Buell, yes, the escort, no!!! And my SC IS getting faster sitting next to the Coug...I solved that problem AND not having a ZR or an S-model last weekend!!! Now this weekend, all I have to do is come down and wash it.

12-20-2000, 10:15 PM
Two things that I forgot...

1) the Cute Blonde Lady Police Officer said "Here's my number. Call me sometime and maybe we can take a ride in the fast BLUE car of yours, then go back to my place and play with my handcuffs!!!"

2) The festiva would probably win...I'm going to stick with racing kids on 1-speed BMX bikes...going up hill that is.

Rick Hubbs
12-22-2000, 02:49 AM
Here I am Dave. You see I haven't been on the bbs in quite some time since I've been away at school. Well I'm on winter break now so I'll be around for the next 3 weeks. The SC is in the worst shape it's been in ever, being stored outside and all. It killed me when I went out to see it covered in snow and ice. Well hey at least it's running! Talk to ya later.

Pat DiPersia
12-22-2000, 07:35 AM
The Rickster is back. That man needs a PC at school! Go to one of the labs on campus man! BTW, you going to be able to make the January meet (Check it out on the NY forum)

12-22-2000, 09:25 AM
Great to hear from you Rick! We need you here more to break the black vs. non-black deadlock we have when your not around!! :) That sucks having to let the SC outside during the winter. I went through that last year, and have some pretty God awful pictures to prove it. I felt like such an unworthy parent, but hey, you have to do what you have to do.


Ken Seegers
12-23-2000, 12:20 PM
First thing Ward boy....I just come up and take both blowers. One to use on the BLACK SC and One as a spare. Second thing I still have bigger tires on my Toyota truck then you 32x11.5x15...so take that. With the cop comment...I think the blue car she was referring to was her blue cop car and the handcuff thing was the to keep you in the back seat while she takes you to jail for driving soooooo slow. The house thing she was talking about is jail. She is what she really said. It got a little twisted from her mouth to your brain(????). I would bust on DiPersia SHO...Hey it was nice ripping those Eagles in first to 8K then ripping them again in second. Does anybody know how to make a bumper sticker to say "MY OTHER CAR IS A SUPERCOUPE, SO DON'T LAUGH" to put on a certain green SHO.
A warning to Jeff, I would incase my car in lead so the slowness does not seep into the BLACK CAT from the blue SC. You might want to do it to the Buell also... remember what happened to the t-shirt, that was a warning.
A note to Santa: The black MN12's have been good this year, so don't forget what we asked for. The blue SC's have been bad running slow ET's and getting pulled over for driving such a bad color we should be ticketed and put into jail for driving such a color.
Merry X-mas to all

Jeff Dillman
12-23-2000, 07:28 PM
Don't forget there's *3* superchargers in there (even though the original '89 is a little worn, it's still good!) Oh, now wait, er... I didn't mean to tell you that... nope, there's only one under the hood of that blue SC! (yeah, that'll work).

I have to think about the slowness seeping into my other cars..... I've always considered it a depletion of speed. I guess it's like that whole dark-is-faster-than-light thing.

So, is lead a good barrier? Maybe I'll have to just push that blue SC outside and encase it in ice? Hmmmmmm..

I don't think I'll bust on the SHO. I'm fairly indifferent about them, except for the whole four-door mama's car image :)

Pat DiPersia
12-24-2000, 02:27 AM
I'll speak to the four-dour-mama's car issue. I ALWAYS felt that way as well (Well, family mobile.) I have to admit, now that I actually have a four-door, I kinda like it. It is a lot more convient, even if it's just me and I'm caring crap around. It is nice. But I DO have the SC to fall back on - that's all that matters. I'm actually in the market for another four-door actually - Maxima. . . If they made that in a two-door, I'd think about it, but the extra two are nice to have.