View Full Version : Who da man?

Jeff Dillman
08-26-2000, 11:58 PM
Who was that stranger with the "unique" XR7 blowing off the 5-point-oh-my-god-was-that-a-six-cylinder-passing-me? hehehe

Best slip shows 14.530 at 94.64! Not in the top 25 yet...

When's the next trip guys?

David Ward
08-27-2000, 06:36 AM
I'm thinking about dropping the Walt's car show idea and going up to Numedia. It'll be another bracket thing, but provided we get up there early enough, we should get at least four runs...plus it only costs twenty dollars to enter. Have to check with the rest of the guys first, but it sounds like a plan to be. Hey, don't forget to bring Towels to wipe the water off your intercooler....

Pat DiPersia
08-27-2000, 09:56 AM
Is Numedia the one next Sunday you were talking about? I'd like another shot at the brackets actually, since I only lost by .020! That just sucks.

Let us all know what's up with that, maybe it can be another meet for anyone further up north in the Allentown/Pocono area.

Hey, on a brighter note, at least I broke into the 14s with exhaust being my only mod! Not bad, eh? Dropped .3 with a nice exhaust. Wonder what it would have done on a cool day with no humidity (And no ice on the track - thanks Ken!)

David Ward
08-27-2000, 02:25 PM
Ken wasn't the one who left the "ice" as you call it down on the track...that was me. Unfortunately, spandex slimmer-cat dude viewed us as an entire group, so we all were warned. Sorry guys!!! But now that I think of it, it WAS Ken's idea to put the melting bags of ice between the I/C and the I/C shroud.

David Ward
08-27-2000, 02:27 PM
You may have dropped .3, but you still have .3 to go!!!!