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03-21-2002, 06:22 PM
hey guys, havent talked to you all for a while. you should easily be able to remember me as the white 92LX 3.8 with cobras and blue brakes all around!!! of course it doesnt have those lame brakes anymore, i got 13" cobras up front, and converted my rear drums to discs which i got from a 96 bird. havent driven my car for about 6 months now, redid everything in the suspension including mn12 performance bushings, but i had to install some monroe sensa-trac struts with my old stock springs even though i got some h&r 1.75" lowering springs and koni shocks.I had to do that because the h&r's i have are for the v8 model and due to the cali smog laws i had to stop dead in my tracks ripping out my old 3.8 in favor of the finally complete 347 project for the 2nd time. so the old 3.8 stays; for now. Im considering converting the 347 engine to run propane so i can get through the cali smog law loophole.

Even though the car has the old springs with around 100,000 miles on them, throwing on those monroes with the performance bushings made an incredible difference, my old shocks were leaking oil and the rear end of my car was almost rubbing on the tires because of the4 weight of the stereo. now it sits better.
the interior is super dyna matted. about $1300 worth all done myself. The floorboards, doors, rear quarter panels, trunk, deck lid, everything possible got up to 2 layers of dynamat, then got a few layers of spray dynamat on that. I also got to fix the problems that the body shop never fixed when my car got smacked a while back, a big leak in the trunk and rear seat all sealed. The other part of the sound deadining project was in the form of undercoating. The wheel wells were sprayed with the protective rubberized undercoating including the entire bottom of the car (gas tank, under the trunkl, and especially around the body plugs if you plan to keep your car a while!!!). I had to rip out the dash to do the heater core, so i pulled the whole interior, painted and clear coated every plastic trim panel possible including the dash, and now the interior looks better than when my mom originally brought this car home from dealer 10 years ago! the dumb fake wood got painted mirage purple\green along with parts under the hood too.

One thing that greatly helped this along was buying another LX birdie. i got a 90 LX as a "beater" with cracked dash and screwed up paint, but runs great and gets me around while the good bird gets worked on. also good to drive the beater to places like where i work where jealous pricks who see a fat ride have to cut tires and break windows for no reason. working on getting my pics back online, so everyone can see!

-Matt 92 thunderchicken 3.8
18" cobras, 13" brakes, custom cold air, custom 2.5 true dual exhaust...