View Full Version : Colonel Huber, You were AWOL yesterday soldier!

Mike Puckett
07-15-2001, 01:32 PM
And you missed me breaking into the 13's with a 13.978 and a 13.982. We had 5 of us there and I was the only racing, all against Chevies. I won 4 out of 6. The cool night air really brought the times down and helped the traction. We sure missed all of y'all that couldn't make it.

Jason Parham
07-16-2001, 02:05 PM
Well here's my review of the day:

I had a good time at the track. A few more people would have been nice but at least most of those who were there were new faces. I got to meet Ian Corley, Robert Snyder (and his little son), and former Silver Dollar announcer Bill Carey. Bill brought both his cars up to the track, he let me drive his pearl white '95 auto (first auto SC Ive driven) to drop it off at a friends house. Since I hadnt driven my XR7 since January getting behind the wheel of an SC again was a real treat. Thanks Bill!!!
On my way to the track I stopped in Montgomery to see Darren Henderson. Since I last saw his car, he has lowered it, added chrome Cobra R's and changed the interior from gray to black/white. A very nice, clean automobile to say the least. After leaving the track at 10:30PM CT, I figured I could drive home without stopping at a hotel. I finally did get home (without killing anyone) at 3:00AM CT Sunday morning, about a 4.5hr drive.

Quick thoughts on the trip:
-Note to self: After making almost 2 laps around Montgomery, I figure I should pay better attention to the signs showing where Highway 80 leaves South Blvd.
-Highway 80 between Montgomery AL and Geneva GA reminds me a lot of route 66. Some places are in really good shape and, well others, are, umm, not so pleasant.
-Tuscumbia, AL looks like its straight out of the 1950's both in the look of the town and the fact that the highway still goes straight through downtown. It could have been used as a set for the 1950's scenes in Back To The Future.
-Be careful what you do around Robert Snyder's little boy, he repeats everything you do ;) .
-Silver Dollar needs some more loudspeakers so that you can hear when the announcer calls your class.
-It appears they are widening highway 96 between Geneva and Reynolds to 4 lanes. Why? When I drove it there wasnt enough traffic to warrant 2 lanes, much less 4!!!

Enough for now,
Jason Parham
Tuscaloosa AL

07-16-2001, 10:43 PM
Had a good time guys. Definately have to watch your P's & Q's around Little Rob. Lots of good racing there sat. Good to see everyone and hope to see all of you at our next meet whenever it is. Rob