View Full Version : ATTN anyone needing SC Junkyard parts

Dan Lineback
06-22-2001, 12:31 PM
I was at Gray and White Used Parts in Carrollton today looking for some parts and they have a 1990 SC there. The motor and Trans (AOD) were not in it, but I think they pull all of them and keep them separate, so they may still have the motor (BTW, blower and plumbing, etc were all missing as well). The body is all still good. It looked like it had not been wrecked, so the motor probably went bad in it (156K miles). All the body parts were still intact, except the rear bumper cover. The front bumper cover looked good, and has the SC lettering on it. The car is dark blue, with grey cloth interior, most of which looked intact, but dirty. It also had at least 3 of the stock wheels with it (I saw 3, but didn;t look for the 4th) They also have several 89-93 LX/Base models as well. If any one is interested in any parts, call them at (770)838-0720.

I picked up a couple of Tarus/Sable cup holders for $20. I'm gonna put one in my '91, and I got the IC off of the SC (it was sitting in the floor) for $22. The old guy there probably didn;t know how much it was really worth

07-04-2001, 11:50 AM
Thanks--I just bought a '90 SC and need afew parts..I also have a '91 Thundbird and it seems like I can never find them in a boneyard that will let you pull your own parts...I went to Gray and Whites and they have afew Thunderbirds there....
I bought a '90 SC for $500...guy said it had a brake leak and bad trans..I got a brake on/off switch for $5 at the yard ($85 from dealer) and fixed the leak..Replaced the spark plug wires and car runs great no problem with trans... :)
If anyone hears of more yards in the Covington Ga. area that lets you walk it,, please post......