View Full Version : My results from last friday at FFW

Dan Lineback
04-27-2001, 08:56 PM
I was able to make it to Friday TT at FFW with Mike last friday. I took both my 91 and my 94, but was only able to get one run each in. I was able to run a 15.352 @ 89.64 mph in my 91, which is BONE STOCK except for the K&N panel filter and removed air silencer. Not bad IMO for a stock car!! I felt a good run in the 94 coming on. I ran against Mike. The motor was cool, the IC was iced down, but I botched my take off, spinning tires all the way through 1st gear. I made a halfway decent comeback, though, pulling off about 15.1 @ 94.xx mph. I was quite surprised by the mph. My record was 93.37 mph when I ran 14.7 seconds at Silver Dollar. Unfortunately, There was not time left for another run.

I'd like to put another mod on the car before I run it again, but excess spending cash is a little scarce right now, as I had to pay off the HG's, etc that I put on the credit card last month. Besides, I really need to save my $$ for 3.55 gears for the '91, as well as brake rotors for my 65 Bird. Don't feel bad when y'all have to shell out $50-70 each for SC rotors. These damn things are $150 EACH!!! They are NOS, so I need to get them before they go out of style, if you know what I mean!! And the ones on the car are probably 36 years old, and they are trashed!!

04-27-2001, 09:15 PM
that is: sinking money in old cars. Been doing that for some 20 years now. Not what your finacial advisor will recommend as a good ROI. But life to short not to have fun with Old Iron.