View Full Version : The double intercooler is in!

Mike Puckett
04-12-2001, 09:45 PM
I had to take it back to the welder as they missed the center seam. They redid it and I put a coating of resin at each end to seal it really good. I also put on an accessory overdrive pulley set including 5% blower pulley. Wow, what a difference. I can really tell that it breaths and runs so much better. My cam is at CompCams for a regrind. They'll give me 203In

04-12-2001, 09:59 PM

I just finish installing the ASP pulleys and ESM's custom 5% Quick Change pulley tonight. First drive out I took it easy but I have 1-2 pounds more boost and much more mid range torque so horsepower has to be going up especially when the revs are up the accesoris are spinning slower.

The XB70 now had 99,000 miles and is running like as tuff as always. Ready to rip the track when ever possible.

Rob Snyder told me that there's a FFW next weekend? You have any details. Sure would like to go to Reynolds, GA if you guys decide to go again.


Mike Puckett
04-12-2001, 10:36 PM
Yes, Glenn, Fun Ford Weekend is the 20th-22nd and is an official event, at least according to our website. I was thinking of running this Fri nite but I've still got some work to do, belts, oil, etc. May is Fun Ford Weekend at Montgomery. Maybe Silverdollar again in June?