View Full Version : Results from my trip to the 1/8 mile track

Dan Lineback
04-07-2001, 11:20 AM
I had the opportunity to take BOTH SCs to the 1/8 mile track in Dallas last night. Throughout the night, I made 5 runs in the 94 and 3 in the 91. My 1st run in the 94 resulted in a 10.251, during which my hand slipped off the shifter going to 3rd, cracking my knuckle against the dash. Damn, that hurt. My runs became progressively faster as the night went on, probably due to the temperature dropping as the sun set. My final run in the 94 resulted in a 9.612 @ approx 74mph (They didn't print mph on the slips!!) BTW, my best 1/8 mile time was 9.488 @ 75.07 at SIlver Dollar.

I ran the 91 in between runs in the 94. Keep in mind that this car is completely stock except for the K&N panel filter and the removal of the air silencer (new HGs too). The only thing I did differently to this car while running it was I held it in first gear until 5300 rpms, then kicked it into drive. My 1st run resulted in a 10.580. Following runs were 10.435 and 10.105 (no wheel spin at all coming off the line!!) This was also probably due to the cooling temperatures. I was very suprised to see the stock 91 running only .5 sec slower than my modified '94.

04-07-2001, 02:30 PM
Heat really kills these cars times, doesn't it. Looks like you had fun. As of right now, the 91 AOD I had is faster then my 94 5 spd, but by .004 sec 9.86 to 9.90. The 91 was stock, except for a 7" cone and deleated air silencer, but that run was in like late Febuary. Nice 45 deg weather. ;) Learn how to launch with the 94, a tune up and some tires better then GY Eagle II I may be littlier faster.

Mike Puckett
04-08-2001, 07:16 PM
I know all about all that hand slipping off of the shifter. It's happened to me twice now. I'm going to get a T handle like Rick Cunningham suggested. Maybe you should transfer all the goodies to the 91?

Dan Lineback
04-08-2001, 07:23 PM
Strange thing is that the 94 FEELS much faster when driving around town. It's definately more responsive when I hit the gas & seems to come off the line quicker. Hopefully, after I build up that motor in the 94, It'll be quicker. I am probably going to put 3.55 gears in the 91 soon, just to make it a little more "peppy".