View Full Version : 8 inch RF in jbl box?

10-07-2003, 04:36 PM
i want more bass out of my system without adding much wieght. no big sub, box, and amp combo. So can i put a 8 inch rockford fosgate in the stock JBL audio box? who alls done this tell me what you did. ive heard a new head unit add a little bass but all the head units i like have cd players and mine has a seprate cd player. new speaker that can handle lower tone might help, any speaker sugestions? whats the jbl speaker size? also can i put a bigger amp on the 8 inch RF if i do that? what size and can it fit in the stock location? i want as much trunk space as possible. i also want the system to look stock, but not sound stock;). thanks for any sugg.

10-07-2003, 05:21 PM
the stock jbl sub is a 6.5" . Rockford fosgate makes a 6.5" sub which is way better than our stock subs. i replaced mine a few months ago. i've heard of others boring out the factory box a little with a dremel to fit an 8".

10-07-2003, 08:23 PM
I just mounted an 8" JL Audio sub in the stock box. Sounds great.

After removing the stock sub, I cut the ring off flush with the box. Then I used a dremel tool to grind out the extra plastic - sort of ported the tob of the stock box. I used a carbide cutting wheel and grinders to remove the plastic. You can also open up the top opening a little. You'll need to cut the post at the bottom of the speaker down a little cause the new sub will be taller. If you're careful, it can still serve as a base support.

To mount the new sub, I marked off it's location, drilled new holes and mounted the sub. To take up the space between the box and the rim of some of the screws, I used a mirror mount kit that has solid rubber feet about 1/2" long. I filled the gaps with silicone and reinstalled the original packing.

Good luck.

'93 SC