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10-07-2003, 05:27 PM
I was looking at my car this morning before heading off to work (since I don't drive it much I have to do something) and I think we might be able to do away with the jackshaft pulley. Here's what I'm thinking. It looks like a spacer could be made to bring the tensioner out towards the front of the car. The spacer would bolt to whatever the current tensioner bolts too and then the tensioner would bolt to it. The spacer would move the tensioner out to where the first jackshaft belt runs off the crankshaft. Then, by making a thicker supercharger pulley you could move the pulley out to line up a belt with the crankshaft and the spaced tensioner. This would allow us to run one belt from the crankshaft to the supercharger pulley with a tensioner in between. I believe the belt will clear the accessories belt and it looks like it might even clear the hard upper radiator tube.

I forgot to mention that a dual idler pulley would need to be made that bolted to the tensioner.

You guys know these cars much better than me so let me know if I've missed something along the way. As I said, I did this before leaving for work so I may have missed something that would prevent it from working.

Oh, and I came up with the idea first. :p At least I think I did.

Randy N Connie
10-07-2003, 06:13 PM
Nettlesd, If I read you post right wouldn't the AC belt be in the way.Or do
you plan on moving it out past the AC.Sounds like a good idea,but moving
the blower pulley out that far may put excessive load on the end of the blower
shaft stressing the snout bearing in the blower.And you have belt ratio issues.

If you want to get rid of the jackshaft pulley bolted to the side of the motor.
I have some parts that may be of help to you.If you are wanting to do this
to your personal car only.

And I with one other person have a one belt set up with just one more peice to make .
To delete the jackshaft.

But my parts are for performance only.Unlike you projects,for daily use.

I can do one off machine work for your R&D work up if you need it.
And I don't take months to turn parts around.If you want to finish
your R&D in a timely manner.So you can move to production faster.

Good luck on your new project.


10-08-2003, 07:28 AM
Thanks Randy. It doesn't look like the A/C belt will be in the way but both belts will be mighty close to one another. Unless I'm wrong on that but that's why I'm posting this. I thought by now someone would have said this will work or this won't work because...

You could be right about the supercharger pulley putting more stress on the snout but the pulley would only need to be lengthened a distance of 8 ribs longer.

Maybe we'll talk more on this project.

Randy N Connie
10-08-2003, 10:03 AM
You have gear ratio issues.Blower will be to slow.