View Full Version : Rumble on the Mountain

03-21-2001, 03:47 PM
Hey guys there is suppost to be a big Stang/Fbody/GN racing up at Crossville TN this Saturday. I40 dragway, guy over at Correl.net said 50 +- cars will be there. Gates open at 1:00 and they have the track until dark, $15.00 to race, $6.00 for specs

here is some directions eric.virginia.com/billyc_event.htm (http://eric.virginia.com/billyc_event.htm)
guy that is putting it on web site. www.midtennstangs.stangnet.com/ (http://www.midtennstangs.stangnet.com/)

I sure would like to go, seeing its only about 1hr for me, but low on the $$$ right now. Any of you guys go let us know how it was?