View Full Version : sc lovers

10-12-2003, 06:36 PM
just curious if there were any other sc lovers in texas i am in midland and have two of them myself :D

Doug Franklin
10-27-2003, 02:56 PM
Welcome, I have more than one SC myself. I live in DFW area. Someone from Lubbock posted recently. I would like a Texas or Central States club myself. There is the Gulf States Chapter. It goes from Fl Panhandle to tip of TX. They do get together now and then in Houston. I believe they have a meet in New Orleans coming up. I have always been busy and missed it. Sound like some good guys.

What I have been doing is communicationg with a yahoo group called fordbastads started by the moderator of the Lone Star SHO Club. FordBastards is for all the great cars Ford stopped making. A few of us SC owners belong to it. They do DRIVING events and get together to work on each others cars. 2 of the SHO cars are super charged and mean machines.

Bottom line is we need to start communicating and get TX built up. There are a lot of SCs here and in Oklahoma. There was a club based in NM but they split off of the SCCoA before it reorganised. I have no idea what they do but may be closer for you if you can find them. Seems like they were SCCoASW or something like that.