View Full Version : God I love doing brake jobs (Blahhhh!!!!)

Dan Lineback
01-15-2001, 12:50 AM
Got the brakes on the '91 today...finally. Working between bursts of rain, that is. It started off bad. First thing I go to the tool box for, the Torx socket, was missing. So off I go to the parts store...15 miles away. Then I get back and find that my left front wheel bearing was shot!! Noisy as hell, and has probably .010" play in it. I could grab each side of the hub flange and just wiggle the damn thing. So I go off to the store again to get a hub, but they don't include a lock nut with it, so I had to order it. I put it together with the old nut, so I just have to put the new nut on and torque it down to 250 ft/lbs.