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Eric S69
12-09-2000, 07:26 AM
Just bought 89sc two weeks ago. I use to own a 90sc back in 1995. It had minior mods (superchip,pulley,73mm maf, and k&n filter) that made it run prety strong concidering it was an automatic. Well the trans lost overdrive and I sold it to the owner of the trans shop in 1997. I`ve regretted it until this day! really missed that car!!!

Now I have this 89sc and I`m shocked at all of the aftermarket hiperformance parts that`s out there! There wasn`t hardly anything except for catback exhaust systems. I`m thinking about joining sccoa or the southeast chapter. When I first heard about the club back in 95 or 96, it was just getting started. I found an article in one of the Ford mustang mags about an sc out of Fla. with alot of mods, but it was the headers that caught my attention. They were custom done. I can`t remeber the guys name but he had an sc that ran low 13`s at 103 mph. I called him up, and he told me about the club then. Me and my brother were going to join then (had a black 89sc at the same I had my red 90sc) but didn`t for whatever reason.

I bought my car dirt cheap with a blown headgastket. It`s in the shop now getting alot of repairs. By the way, would any of you guys know where I could get a radiatior fan used or of any salvage yards that might have an sc in Atl. I need a few other parts also. Well it`s 5am, I guess I better go too bed. I`ve gotten addicted to the internet, only had my first computer two months! My email is willie_stewart@lycos.com
Eric S.
Norcross, Ga.

ps.think I might start with headers an hiflo cats.
pss. should I change my gastank to a 92up model or leave it alone an run a custom 3in exhaust to 21/2 an mufflers?

Dan Lineback
12-16-2000, 02:16 AM
Welcome back to SC ownership!! If you are interested, check out sccose.tripod.com (http://sccose.tripod.com) for the Super COupe Club of the South East website (If you haven't already seen it). There you can find info on joining, events, etc. We are planning a meet on Dec 30 in Chattanooga, but not to sure of all the details yet, as we are still planning it. Just keep an eye on the message board and website for updates. Look forward to meeting you soon!