View Full Version : Took a year to save up $ for piston ring, now what

10-18-2003, 03:07 PM
Well, the sc has been sitting for over a year now. A piston ring ate it and I finally have the money to get my car back. I wanted to try a quick and easy fix but you all talked me out of that one and i've decided to do it right. The problem is now, I have no time. I've got around $2000, possibly a tad more. The question is, what to do. My friend is a mechanic and can get a new longblock from ford for $1700 with his discount. As of now, that seems like my best option. I would buy that and swap it out in a weekend. I could just get a new block, but I don't have the time to rebuild everything else. I live in california, and like everything else here, labor at shops is expensive, so having it re-built or having them do the work will probably cost too much. Is there a better alternative or should i go ahead w/ the new oem longblock swap?

Thanks, as always,

10-19-2003, 02:56 AM
I toasted the #5 rod bearing in my last engine just over two years ago. I got the reman long block from Ford. It came with a two year warranty. I guess the only two things wrong with it are: 1) I can't change to a roller rocker 2) All the guts are stock.

When I priced everything out, a complete rebuild including forged pistons and rods and to clean up my crank, it wound up being like $3000. The Ford unit only cost me about $1600 (with another $1600 for the core on the old motor). So far it's been running for a couple weeks, and aside from a small vacuum leak.....it's going pretty good.