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10-12-2000, 05:59 PM
Does anybody know if mustang headers really fit the SC? I read on the sccoa bbs a while back that somebody put a set from a 95 or 96 mustang on their SC.

Jason Parham
10-12-2000, 06:55 PM
his headers were off of a late model mustang and when they were installed they fit fine with no interference until he discovered he had a busted motor mount, which caused the engine to sit lower that normal. After replacing the mount, he had trouble with the steering shaft binding against the drivers side header. He told me the car is fixed now but Im not sure how serious of a modification to the driver's side header was necessary.
Jason Parham

Mike Puckett
10-12-2000, 09:12 PM
Robert, The ones off of a 96-97 T-Bird LX 3.8 are steel tube headers and fit perfectly. I don't know if they are a dealer item but it's a little early for them to show up in junk yards. You could buy one, swap them, and then sell the LX for what you paid for it, maybe roll some of labor cost into it, and Whalla! Free headers. Just have to have the swapped headers/cast iron manifold matched up at a muffler shop on each car.