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10-23-2003, 01:40 AM
well since no one has been posting in here at all but i figured i would throw this in here anyway considering im in ny hoping that someone will read on this and need some parts... dad is yellin at me to get rid of the parts i nhis shop and im sick of hearing him complain... well here you guys go if anye even looks at the new york section anymore....
I have parts from an 89 supercoupe for sale..... i am located in long island, new york if you are interested in anything please e-mail me at goose1513@aol.com or call my dad who deals with the shipping and has the parts at his shop at (516)-378-4498 ask for glen... prices do not include shipping and handling... if you do not see a part on here that you are looking for please contact me anyway i still may have the part i just havent listed everything i have... thank you for your patience... Keith

power grey cloth drivers seat- $70
power grey cloth passneger seat-$70
Supercharger- $175
stock leather shift knob- $20
passenger side power mirror- $30
driver side door white- $70
passenger side door white- $50
sc steering wheel- $40
rear end out of 5spd sc- $150
stock jbl amp- $30
white ground effects kit *needs to be cleaned and painted*- $30
Sc motor Without supercharger *needs head gaskets*- make offer
ABS Computer- make offer
air Ride Control computer- make offer
intercooler- $80
exhuast manifolds- $150 or $75 each
left rear tailight- $25
left rear tailight- $25
right rear tailight- $25
set of rims and tires*not sc rims* stock 91 thunderbird rims and tires- $150 for the set

11-06-2003, 04:25 PM
can you send pics of the rims and tires? my email is es7129@aol.com. Thanks