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11-16-2003, 08:50 PM
A week ago I replaced the dash in my 89' 5-speed SC with one from a 90' automatic SC, I used automatic wiring harness and did not notice clutch connector wasn't there until I got it all back together. Ok so I could start it by jumping the starter relay and everything worked fine.

Today I removed the dash and put the original wiring harness back in. I'm having some weird problems now. At first it would start up right away and die in less than a second and there was a strong gas smell, seemed like it was running too rich and flooding cylinders. After trying to start it 3-4 times with no change I disconnected battery and checked all connections to make sure they were in tight, connected battery and it wouldn't even try to start. Tried jumping starter relay and it backfired.

Now if I turn it to run, push key up and down a little 3-4 times it will start for half a second and die like it did right away before, same smell of gas. The wiring harness originally came from the car it's in, it worked flawless before I took it out. The only thing I can think of is that I left it sitting outside on a windy day and did not clean any connections when I put it back in.

Would a dirty connection cause this? If so where would this connection be? All the wiring and connectors look good on the outside. Every light, gauge, and accessory in the whole car works perfectly.