View Full Version : Throttle body/ air meter on 94 SC?

Mark B. White
11-18-2003, 07:39 PM
What are the sizes on a 94 SC throttle body and a 94SC mass air meter? How big is the opening where the throttle body bolts? Do these cars benefit from bigger units like the 5 liter mustangs do?? OR is it barely noticable? the car is basicaly stock other than a K&N, 3.27 gears and exhaust. What sizes, if any do you guys recommend?? The only other mods this car might get is a 5% pulley, fuel press. reg. and a cold air kit.(ANY suggestions on the cold air kit?).

11-18-2003, 08:25 PM
get a better exhaust, leave the fuel pressure regulator alone. do a search if you want more info, plenty out there.

11-18-2003, 08:54 PM
The throttle body is 63 mm and the Mass Air Meter is 70mm, although it flows like a 63-64 due to the bridge in the center. The answer is yes, they benifit the larger size and the inlet plenum, (part that the throttle body bolts to) will fit up to 75 mm if opened up with a die-grinder or an aftermarket inlet (magnum Powers, in links section). The 5% is great if the exhaust is opened up o allow reduction in back pressure. The cold air intake I prefer is the MAC Cold air kit by Mac Products (see links again). The order to go is Cold air intake, 5%, throttle body and mass air meter. Remember, you will probably need to re-tune the computer after the mass air meter as the C+L units tend to lean out fuel mixtures (personal experience). Post up here about tuning issues and you'll get some good answers.

Call Super Coupe Performance and see about the parts mentioned.