View Full Version : Eurika! I'm finally installing my engine!

11-24-2003, 12:44 AM
It's been over two months since I blew my head gasket and since I have had it ported,polished, bowled, deck, block rebuild, ported lower intake, plenums, exhaust manifolds and T-body; replaced almost every gasket known to man, and of course removed the air silencer. And in this process degreased, cleaned, polished, and painted/detailed almost everything in the engine compartment.

Yesterday was the day. I took my completed engine from the backyard to the front driveway to install it. When I first tried to lift the engine from the hoist, the hoisting brackets in the engine were bending like a pretzel, so plan B was a chain bolted to the backside of either head and a strong nylon strap tied around my harmonic balancer/jackshaft pulley. It worked but I had this ~~~ engine hoist that had too short of a boom. We tried in vane to get the motor mount lined up :(

Today was a better day. I borrow a massive hoist from a friend that made the install a piece of cake. Today I got the motor mounts bolted up as well as the exhaust pipes, torque converter, and tranny bolts. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to finnish up and crank her over!

I feel such a sense of accomplishment and a gain in knowledge about the SC. I feel there's almost nothing I don't know about my car since I've worked on it so intimately these past two months.

Thanks for reading. I just wanted to share this w/ my SC brethren :D

Now being this is my first engine install. Is there any tips or pitfalls to watch out for as I am hooking up the rest of the engine and once I crank it over for the first time?


next immediate mods-Intercooler fan and 3.55 rear gear. I already have both. Just have to put them on now.

11-24-2003, 12:59 AM
I know this feeling, just completed mine about a month ago after being out of commision for about a year. Fire up the engine for a few seconds without any coolant in it. If something is wrong, or installed wrong, it will be an easier fix. Don't run more than 30 seconds though. Be sure to line the cam sensor up correctly. I had no trouble doing it, but others have. Make sure you put oil in and connect the oil filter. I forgot the filter and lost a qt. to my driveway. Mobil 1 synthetic isn't cheap either. Use anti seize grease wherever possible, and dielectric grease on connectors. Be sure to use contact cleaner and a fine small wire brush to ensure all contacts are nice and good looking. And most importantly, have a case of beer handy for the victory celebration that you and whomever helped you can use for a toast. Good luck, Alyn.