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ThunderHawk SVT
11-30-2003, 01:53 PM
Ok I did the search, but didn't come up with what I need to know.
I have a 1992 Thunderbird SC. I just hooked up a tester to try and find out why my car starts to run ruff, and the rpms drop to around 550 to 600 when I am at a stop with the car in gear. When I put the car into neutral the rpms go back to where they are supposed to and the car runs well and doesn't shake like I have a miss. I have noticed that when I apply the brakes the car kinda boggs down for a sec then goes back to the 550 to 600 rpm range. When I have the car in neutral and apply the brakes it does a slight stumble but doesn't lose the rpms like when I do it in drive. One other thing is when I am about to slow down and I apply the brakes my ABS and Brake lights come on for a second then go off again. I thought that this might have been a wheel speed sensor. That is the symptoms that I am having. When I have the KoEo without the tester on I can hear a relay on the passenger side kick on for a second then I hear something that sounds like a pump kick on for a second on the driverside around the brake system. I also notice that the headlight buzzer stays on when I have the KoEo with the head lights shut off. When I go to put the tester in test mode the buzzer goes off but the system never goes through the test mode, and I still hear the relay kick on and the pump sound from the brake system area. Has anyone ever had a problem like this or any ideas as to where I should start to look for a problem. I am going to check the Check Engine Soon light to see if the bulb is blow cause it doesn't come on, and I am also going to check all the fuses to see if any are blow. Thank you for any help.
P.S. The car runs just great the rest of the time with around 8lbs of boost and no other problems

11-30-2003, 04:43 PM
Just a couple of ideas.....how are your motor mounts,the car will stumble and drop rpms at stoplites etc. if the mounts are bad..as for the brakes,sounds like the accumulator going bad or maybe the brake relay switch [brown switch near the EEC test plug] on the passenger side firewall.I'm sure others will post more suggestions........good luck,been there.
oooppps......just realized that you have a 92,I don't know what year the ABS changed over to the newer system.

ThunderHawk SVT
12-09-2003, 08:10 AM
Whats this brown switch you speek of. Need more info on it please.