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05-04-2002, 08:33 PM
Today, The Beer Barron and I were having a Ventura County sub-chapter club meeting at my house with a guy named George that does custom shirts and stuff.
Toward the end of our meeting I asked if anyone knew of someone that did graphic design like Evanoff's picture of his car.
At that precise moment one of my neighbors was walking by on the sidewalk and motioned that he liked Lance's car. I knew the neighbor worked for Hot Rod Magazine, but I always figured that he was a contributing editor- a writer.
Well, it turns out he is the artist for Hot Rod and Motor Trend. I showed him the drawing of Evanoff's car and asked if he could do something like that. He smirked and asked us to come over to his studio and see his work.
This guy is so hot! He does conceptual work in design. His latest was for Honda and Vic Edelbrock.
I think is is probably too expensive for us, but I invited him to hang with us at some of our meets and he said he would. He has a three year old supercharged Mustang Cobra that is totally built. A wicked machine.
Lance and I were most impressed.
Most importantly, we have a premiere resource for our club in the graphic design arena and an upcoming star in the apparrel side for our club.
Life is great. I love it when a plan comes together.
Later....The Burn-out King

05-05-2002, 03:06 AM
that must have been a nice surprise. well in all modesty, i used to mess around a little with color pencils and pencils and stuff and am modestly skilled. i took a year of studio art in high school and passed the advanced placement test :) i'll try and scan some stuff that i drew so u guys can see it, my best was a graphite portrait of my dad that i drew from an old picture of him and his "Charro" hat, quite nice if i do say so myself, it sits in our living room as i type and u read!