View Full Version : 94 Spindles on a 91 -- Use old Calipers?

12-06-2003, 12:48 PM
Hey Guys,

I got the '94 replacement spindles for my '91 SC at a local junkyard. Before I bolt them on, I was wondering if I can use the old brake calipers with them? I'm not yet ready to bolt on the bigger brakes, since the stock '91 rotors and calipers aren't shot.

I've got all new front suspension parts, including upper control arms, ball joints, sway bar end links, poly bushing kit, and tie rod ends. Do I wait until I order the new brakes to replace the spindles and put on the new hardware, or will the old calipers work with the '94 spindles and caliper brakets? I realize I need '94 brake pads and '94 swaybar end links.

I just want to save the new attaching harware, by assembling the new front suspension once. Can I wait to do the major brake job until later? Any other'94 specific parts I'll need to make the 91 calipers work?

Thanks. Rob Grasse, US Navy, Montgomery, Al

12-06-2003, 01:31 PM
You will have to use at least the calipers and pads from the newer car. You can also use Mustang 12" rotors and calipers to fit under the stock 16" wheels or you can to all out to the 13 Cobra setup with 17" wheels. You cannot use the old brakes at all.