View Full Version : shock revalving ?

12-10-2003, 06:33 PM
what is the purpose of this ? is it to keep it like street legal ? so your car car go within a few inches of space up and down ? i asked my brother last weekend told him that i wanted to buy Eibach shocks and koni infinet adj but am afraid to get pulled over because of my car being lowered, and my brother told me as long as my car has a certaint amount of travel distance its ok ? so would having the koni infinet adjustables on soft and revalving do the trick to be street legal ? anyone help me out on this ? i live in CT Thanks Alex LaChance

MIKE 38sc
12-10-2003, 06:50 PM
Alex revalving the shock changes the dampening characteristics of the shock. When you compress a shock by hand you feel a resistance to your compressing of it and that resistance is called the compression dampening. You will also notice this resistance if you completely compress the shock and then try to pull it back out to its full lenght, that resistance is called rebound dampening.
When you have a shock revalved or you turn the adjustment knob what you are doing is changing that resistance you felt when compressing and extending that shock by hand.
Revalving or changing the adjustment knob will not have any affect on the shock travel or the amount of suspension travel you have. The amount of travel is built into the shock by a shorter or longer shock shaft and depending on what you are trying to do you may also have to shorten or lenghten the shockbody itself.

You guy's have a law about how low your car can be?
Wow, thats a new one on me.
I geuss before long we will have regulations in this country as to what type and color of underwear you can wear.
We are losing personal freedoms every day and it sickens me.:(