View Full Version : correct plug gap and wires

12-11-2003, 08:27 PM
been doing searches all night and havent found much. am replacing the plugs a wires this weekend wondering what is the best to gte for plugs and wires also what gap should i use. for the mods i am doing: ported exhasut manifolds, no cat, full flowmaster exhaust, intake tube with cone filter, bullet proof tranny rebuild with 2000 stall, 190lph fuel pump, 10% OD pulley. plan on getting a bigger maf and tb , maybe UD pulleys some time in the spring. part #'s for wires would be greatly appreciated


12-11-2003, 08:41 PM
Go with the stock motorcraft double platinum plugs all around. Autolite also makes the equivilent. You may want to run one heat range cooler with the 10% pulley.

Stock plug gap is .052"-.056". You could gap your plugs to that, or slightly undergap them say around .045"-.050".

You should go with stock motorcraft wires or Ford Racing performance wires. Magnecore wires will also do you good.

Don't go with the Jacob's like I did. I had to undergapp my plugs to .035".