View Full Version : Saw a red SC Today in San Diego....PRICK!

03-29-2002, 05:22 PM
Well, all I can say is the old farts in this town suck ~~~!!! If it's someone on this board I'm gonna beat the crap outta you (This is meant figuratively of course) when I meet up with you again.

So here I am, checking out my place of work here in San Diego. I start to leave and what do I see at the light....an early model red SC. Sharp look'n Automatic. I slow down and wait for him to catch up, the prick just drives right on by.

I finally catch back up to him at the next light, slow down beside him and roll down my window. I honk....nothing, I honk again....FINALLY the dude turns and looks at me (Must be at LEAST 65 years old). I tell him nice car (Through his window)....he just stares at me. I ask him if he can roll the window down...I wanted to talk about his car.....again, he just stares at me. I make the "roll down window" hand signal.....he shrugs and says "NO".

I do a little burn out and haul ~~~ away from him. What a jackass.

Southern Californias BLOW!

Tim Moore
03-30-2002, 12:01 AM
You scared the @#%$ out of him. He probably thought you were going to carjack him.

03-30-2002, 12:08 AM
I was IN my car already.....no one was with me.....I think he was just a bonehead! LOL :-)

I do see your point though....I wondered that as I pulled away.

Tim Moore
03-30-2002, 12:43 AM
It's too bad everyone else is not as trusting as us

03-30-2002, 12:21 PM
lots of sc,s down here. most dont know of sccoa, lots of scared people car jacking is a common thing in so cal hell my wife aqnd I were car jacked 3 yrs ago by 2 navy men and 1 navy seal plus one civilian, so you cant trust anyone. including the navy. swarn to protect us. so yeah he was just scared

03-30-2002, 02:46 PM
This is a sad, sad place we live in then. In Texas that type of crap RARELY ever happened.....mainly because the dude who's car was being taken typically carried a gun.....criminals get scared when ppl are known to carry guns!

03-30-2002, 03:50 PM
I lived in irving near cowboys stadium and we could wear side arms then + drink and drive if you had insurance I was there in 81-83 damn dry county had to go out of town to buy beer at krogers of win dixie . oh yeah welcome to calif. my son and daughter live in san diego my son is part owner of 8 hour tax in ocean side.need taxes done ask for brad.

John Shelton
03-30-2002, 04:41 PM
Most of us drivers out here are armed, but you usually can't tell. We usually shoot at someone who makes faces at us or flips us off. That guy must have liked you. Just a local custom - takes some getting used to.

On another note, try to make it to Irwindale on the 21st so we can give you a friendly welcome to the area.

03-31-2002, 03:10 AM
What's going on the 21st? I know there is a meet on the 24th of August....is there something in April that I have missed posts about?

John Shelton
03-31-2002, 01:02 PM
Just an informal get-together at the track. pub18.ezboard.com/fsccoaf...D=73.topic (http://pub18.ezboard.com/fsccoafrm17.showMessage?topicID=73.topic)

Hope you can make it.

03-31-2002, 09:39 PM
I'll do my best to make it there....can't promise anything at this one though.

As I was driving down the freeway yesterday my "check engine" light came on for a second, then went off......not sure what for....I saw no problems....felt no problems.

Gonna re-check oil/power steering/ anitfreeze levels and hope it was the 91 octane gas my wife put in. This baby is use to 93!

John Shelton
04-01-2002, 12:52 AM
I'd check for codes; there might be one in there.