View Full Version : How do I remove my brake master cylinder?

01-27-2004, 07:04 PM
I need to know details on how to remove the whole master cylinder/reservior/booster assembly from my '89 SC. I think it may be bad, but bad or not it at least needs to be properly bled. Anyone with info please let me know! Pics would be awesome too.


01-27-2004, 11:07 PM
If you need to get the unit out, it's not that difficult. If you need a good bleed of the brakes, try that first before you take the unit out.

Here's a pic of the unit itself:

To get the unit out, you need to remove the 3 brake lines from the top of the unit. If I remember, they use 3 different line wrenches.

After the lines are out, just move them to the side. Don't bend them.

Empty the reservior on the top (I used a turkey baster to suck the fluid out) and then remove it by prying it upward gently until it pops out.Pry it straight up, not on an angle.

Once you have that off, you can remove the wiring harnesses (there are 3-only two are showing in the pic).

Then you need to go inside the car and under the dash. Remove the pin that's holding the pedal to the shaft of the brake unit and let it hang loose. Then remove the 4 bolts that are holding the unit to the firewall.

Then, pull the unit up and out from under the hood. It helps to have the plastic cowl removed and to have a bit of patience.

01-28-2004, 10:16 PM
Yip, BlueThunder is right on the money. I pulled mine twice. I takes about two hours to pull it out, and 3 to put it in (Including bleeding the system). Definately pull the wipers and black plastic cowling first, it will make life much easier as you'll have extra room for sure.
Good time to change the drivers side plugs/wires as they will never be easier to reach than with M/C out of the way...