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02-05-2004, 02:07 AM
Last month I had a problem on the sc where it was missing at all levels of the rpm band at times. I checked to see if I had spark at the coil. Some of the cyls did and some didnt. I replaced it and it worked for a few hours. Fixed it later with a new DIS.

The car has a rich lean guage in it. I know some of you think they are worthless. Since I put the new coil on the guage only lights up if your moderately on the go pedal. Before it would light up (lean) on cruise (but it would still light up) and while just toolin around town. I had, since the new coil, got a hesitation or tip in drop in power. I noticed it in the rich lean guage at the same time. I drove it for two weeks because I thought then new DIS might need to find its parameters inside the computer...you know what I mean.

It pissed me off so much that today I put the factory coil back on to do the "just for giggles" test. Low and behold the rich lean guage is acting like it was before and the hesitation is gone.

To those of you who dont like them, thats fine. I saved myself a huge headache by lookin at the guage instead of tryin to do a breakout on the processor. Even then I would not have found it until Dyno time.

By the way. Put a new DIS on from Oriellys...took it off an hour later. The bad one ran better then the new one. Just my two cents worth. Sorry so long.

SC UL8R1990
02-05-2004, 08:45 AM
when i had an air to fuel ratio gauge in my CRX a while back it would also shut of completely when you down shifted and sometimes just cruising. In the handbook that came with it , it describes that as normal, then when you mash the go pedal it should go all the way to the last green and stay there.

hope that kinda helps. i dont think they are worthless, however i dont have any gauges but the stock ones in my sc

02-05-2004, 06:43 PM
I must not have been clear. I was stating that I used it as a diagnostic tool and it worked like a charm. Im not sure if the SC coil pack does not put out engouh spark or what. I just swaped it back to the factory SC pack that was on there first and now it seems the rich lean guage is reading more like an 02 should read. I am going to put another 5 psi on the regulator when it warms up. The car is gonna sit for at leat two days. Now it under at least 7" of snow. I have a buddy that tunes Hondaz here. He doesnt like them either.