View Full Version : car problems disappear when cold???

02-05-2004, 07:07 PM
just wondering...a while back....after getting a compression test or something done on the car...the mechanic told me that he believed the problem to be a small hole/air leak somewhere in behind cyldiner #5. He said he couldn't see exactly what/where the problem was, but that is what he believed to be true....and without takin half teh engine apart that is the best he could tell. This hasn't been causing me any huge issues, it just causes the car's computer to get confused and idle a lil higher than it normally should. Generally a restart fixes things.

My main question is....while it was rediculously cold out here....down to a low of -53F and a tad warmer than that.....the car didn't idle funny once...thru out the whole cold spell the car idled perfectly and ran awesome, now that it warmed up...(-15C or so) the car is back to it's old games of idle'n at around 1000rpm in drive....and 1500+ in neutral or park.

Does the original problem of a air leak or hole behind cylinder #5 still seem logical? If so...why would the problem disappear when it's rediculously cold out?

thanks for any replies or ideas.

02-05-2004, 08:36 PM
A leak around cylinder 5, would most likely be where the lower IC tube bolts up to the intake. This would seem to indicate a leaky seal which might be fixable by tightening the 2 nuts some, or resealing the tubes. Another possiblity is the Spanner nut from the SC outlet. If you've done any work near those 2 areas, thats where to look.

Randy N Connie
02-06-2004, 10:45 AM
Yes this could be a sign that your head gasket is getting ready to
blow out.My SC did this and it was a bad head gasket.It would
only leak when the motor was cold. Under boost it would foul
the rear driver side spark plug for about 20 seconds,then come
back and run just fine.


02-06-2004, 02:25 PM
no...it doesn't matter whether the car engine is hot or cold....and you'll never really notice a difference driving it...apart from sometimes....you don't have to have your foot on the gas to keep the same speed lol, cause the car's computer seems to be somehow compensating for what i was told is an air leak.

I just can't figure out why....both when it was super ridiculously cold out, the car never idle'd funny as well, as when i did have a leak, between the thermostat housing and the intake.....it leaked antifreeze like crazy, but again the car ran better than ever.

Is it possible...that the two leaks some how cancelled each other out to make the computer happy? and as for the cold...well i dunno lol.

I haven't checked eitehr of those two spots tbirdsc fan...then again, i haven't done any work specifically on those two spots that i can think of...but i'm thinkin bout takin it to another mechanic (one i trust a lil more) to see what he says the prolblem is.