View Full Version : Thought NAPA had nose cone seal??..

02-05-2004, 07:51 PM
according to napa man, the ChicagoRawhide 7968 seal is the cheaper of the 2 ($7), and the more expensive part that crossed over was 19844, and it was $14.99. and what is the intercooler sealer called, the Ford dealership parts guy who hooks me up on prices couldn't find it in his parts book. He did get me the fluid tho..... please help quick, as I want to swap blowers this weekend. thanks for the help guys


02-05-2004, 10:00 PM
Napa doesn't stock them, but can order them. Make sure they didn't cross the 7968 seal. It should be a Viton seal with a double lip. The stock replacement is CR #7966

If that number they priced you is really the 7968, you're getting a good deal.

As far as the SC top you can just unbolt the four bolts holding the top to the SC and remove it from the SC right there. Then you don't need to reseal the tubes.

Otherwise you can reseal the tubes with Copper RTV if you can't get the thick Teflon Tape from Ford.

The part from ford comes as a kit with some other gaskets as well and is around $50. Part number should be E9PZ-6F091-A kit.