View Full Version : hmmm drivetrain from H#!!

02-22-2004, 10:40 PM
ok ok .. today while drivin the car i developed a grinding gear in 1st 2nd and 3rd before it was just third.. as soon as it happened i went to press the clutch is was limp as umm i dont know its was just flopping like it wasnt there.... i gave it a couple of pumps and it was back working but the grinding gears are still there... sooo i think a bad slave or master helped wear out my syncros... .. there is also this awful vibe coming fron the drivetrain now... i just replaced the engine mo0unts and trannymount and crossmember.. the rear diff mounts are on the way cuz they died lastweek (bit of slack in the drivetrain now)... i need to redo the whole thing(drivetrain) new master cylinder so it doesnt kill my tranny again (by barely working) new clutch disc cuz i smell mine cookin a lil. but most of all a 5 speed tranny doesnt have to be new. times are about to be hard financially so i cant shell out an arm and a leg i have to save.. if i cant find one within a resonable distance and price i will be getting rid of the devil...... so if anyone in the hampton roads(VA) area has a 5 speed tranny for sale let me know please or if someone knows a good rebuilder clue me in ,, thanks fellas......and ladies (you never know)
even better if somone can help me take out the old and put in the new that would kick butt ... thanks...oh and is a rebuild kit an option? i cant build an engine but im good with fixing and replacing mechanical things