View Full Version : need help with a 93 aerostar

02-23-2004, 07:11 PM
Has anyone on here ever worked on an aerostar? This is for my mother-in-laws husband. Its a 1993 Aerostar with a 3.0L motor. He needs to replace the exhaust from front to back, the entire thing, One of his head botls is even broken. My question is How hard is it to drop the motor to get at the headers? Its impossibel to get at them from the top, the aerostars are quite tight up top. Is there a cross member down below that drops down to allow the motor to drop without touching the suspension? Or does the entire front k-member have to be dropped. He also needs to replace 2 rear spark plugs that are pretty much seized in the head, the motor has to be removed in order to get them out.

The exhaust is really bad and choking the motor out, but other then that the motor runs really good for the milage, I am very surprised hoiw well it runs with such old plugs in it too. So if we can fix the exhuast then I am sure the van woudl run much much better. He was quoted at $1700 CDN to replace the exhaaust which I knw he was being take n for there, its not that expensive, so I will find a shop that can maike it up chepaer, but I can do the install work if I knew how hard it was to get the damn motor out, any ideas? I don't want to attempt it if its too hard thus the reason I am askign if anyone has done it or know how to do it.

Thanks guys!